LMD/Noxious Weeds

Mason Lake is experiencing noxious weeds that started with Milfoil and now includes Sagittaria graminea SAG.  These weeds were brought in from other lakes by boats and trailers who were on lakes that have the same problem.  Mason County is not assisting lake residents in resolving the issue, so Mason Lake Management District #2 (LMD) was created.  Homeowners within the LMD have an assessment that appears on their property tax statement.  The assessed funds are collected for the continuing eradication of the Mason Lake noxious weeds.  Please inspect your and your guest's boats and trailers before launching. 

The LMD  Committee:
Michael Koidahl (Chair),  Mark Spaur (Secy/Treas), Peter Reidel, Frank & Rhonda Kincaid, Art Whitson, Susan Summers.  Questions may be directed to Michael Koidahl at masonlakelmd.chair@gmail.com, phone: 206-707-2667

LMD web site: https://masonlakelmd.gogladly.com/

See below for a list of the LMD reports prior to 2020.  New reports are on the LMD web site. 

Water plant  identification and other resources:

Photos of the noxious weeds impacting Mason Lake waters
Aqua Technex Mason Lake Aquatic Plant Identification Guide
Washington State Department of Ecology Aquatic Plant Identification Manual for Washington's Freshwater Plants    http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/wq/plants/plantid2/index.html  (includes noxious weeds and native plants)
Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board:  www.nwcb.wa.gov
Guide for shoreline living:  www.shorestewards.wsu.edu