MBC Information

The Mason Benson Center is a nonprofit organization. Members of the MBC are residents of Mason or Benson Lakes or individuals who have property at one of the lakes. Mason and Benson Lakes are located in Mason County, Washington. For a map of where the MBC is located on Mason Lake please see the Contact us page.

General meetings are held on the second Saturday for the months of; February, April, June, August, October and December. You can look in the Meeting Minutes section for what topics were discussed. Here is a link to the activities calendar.

Not a member? Here is a link to a brochure for a quick overview and membership form.

The Mason Benson Center publishes a newsletter to keep residents/owners/members informed on events as well as updates on local issues. Our membership year is January to December. Membership is used for upkeep of the center as well as donations within our community. See the Renewal/New Membership page for current membership rates or to join or renew your membership.

If you would like to make a donation to the MBC (click Donate) you can do it by dropping it off to one of the Officers or by PayPal (click Donate) or mail to: Address at Contact us .