Member Email group

Below is some information for the MBC Member only automated email group (distribution list):

  1. includes the email address of all current MBC members who have provided the MBC an email address.

  2. All members of the group can receive and send emails to the group. Non group members are unable to send emails to the group.

  3. To send emails to the MBC Members, compose an email and address it to

  4. Recipients will not see the email addresses of the group members. They will see the email address of the person who sent the email.

  5. Please do not send any inappropriate or frivolous emails to the group.

  6. Please do not advertise your personal business via the group emails. Advertising via the MBC newsletter is available here.

  7. Please do not send replies to mbcwa@googlegroups email address unless you are certain you want all MBC members to see your reply.
    --Replies will go to all members of the email group.
    --If you wish to respond to the person who sent the email to the group, reply to their email address. Do not reply to the group email address. Do not Reply All.

  8. If you abuse the MBC members email group we will either disable your ability to send emails to the MBCMember email group or remove your email from the group.

  9. You may withdraw from the group at any time, or send an email to requesting removal and we will remove you from the group.

If you have questions or need to have your email address updated, please send questions and email changes to: Be sure to include your name.