MBC Clean Up Instructions

Please do NOT put decorations on blinds or on painted walls. Pin or tape only to tack board around the room and around the openings. Remove decorations unless advised otherwise.

• Store tables and chairs in proper places unless advised otherwise.

• PLEASE stack tables correctly and stack chairs six high (use stacking directions in storeroom).

•Sweep or dust mop all hard surface floors. If mopping is necessary, please use ONLY water, NO cleaning products. Vacuum hallway and outside carpet, main carpet if needed.

•Wash and put away all equipment used (including silverware).

• Wash counter tops and sinks.

• Check refrigerator for "spills."

• Be sure restrooms are clean.

• Store garbage in suitable receptacles and remove to outdoor dumpster. Replace inside cans with new liners.

• Clean parking area if needed.

• Turn thermostat to 55 degrees.

• Turn all lights off. Turn off fan/light switches in restrooms.

• Make certain that all doors are locked. To unlock front door, turn key one full turn to the left. To lock door, turn one full turn to the right.

• When cleaning is completed and doors are locked, put the key in the Key Drop Box located at side door (near front door).

 Duties listed above are the responsibility of the renter or MBC event chairperson.


After managers inspection of the building for damage and all cleaning has been done properly, your cleaning deposit check will be voided and returned.

If you see broken or damaged equipment in this building, please contact:

Lisa Merz at 206-551-3958 or at brindisi101@gmail.com