General Contractors

Roger Denny, 432-1407

George Tuttle, 427-0995, 3/10

I would like to recommend Roger Denny for any building or remodeling job, large and small. Roger built our house and an addition on two other houses that could not have been done any better. He lives in this area and has been building and remodeling houses for many years. His attention to quality is well known. Because of Roger's quality work, it may be difficult to find him when he isn't busy but the wait will be worth it.

Scott MacAlevy - Tanglewood Construction (360-427-6723)

Debbie Alexander, 206-551-1404

Rich and Janice Baird and Susanne and Jim McDonald said I should post about Scott on your site since you have a good resource for letting people know. Our contractor, Scott MacAlevy with Tanglewood Construction (360-427-6723) was great. He listened to what we wanted, was so easy to work with, and also used local sub contractors like the plumbing, electrical, flooring, etc. that did a fantastic job too. Our construction process went smoothly and we will definitely use Scott for future projects around our house.

Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions or would like to see our beautiful home he built.

TJ Jennings Drywall and Framing, 360-701-5677 (Cell phone)

By: Michele Jennings, 360-427-61768, 3/07

My husband and I have lived on Mason Lake for 5 years now (and are members of MBC) I actually grew up on the lake too. We are now raising our two daughters on the lake!

My husband is in the construction business and has helped many people on the lake. He works for Sound Drywall and is a Journeyman Hanger and steel stud framer. He has completed multiple drywall and framing jobs for folks around the lake. He also knows many reputable folks in other trades as well. He is also working on obtaining his own contractor’s license. He has worked in the trades for 15 years.