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Tree Service

Fred Holmes Tree Service 360-427-4489

By Susan Summers 432-3508  02/13

Fred Holmes has removed several (20+) trees from my property, some of them being in very difficult locations. He is a master of his craft. All trees came down doing no damage to my property. He took the time to discuss everything with me, gave me a free estimate, and did exactly what we agreed he would do. Fred Holmes is skilled, professional, honest, and nice. He has also taken trees down for my neighbors, and they too have been pleased with his work. Fred has been a professional climber for more than 30 years. If you need help with your trees, call Fred Holmes.

West Sound Tree Service, Mark Larson 1100 E Alderwood Road Belfair, WA 98528 360-275-0874

By Rick Means 427-3559 02/12

Had them remove a tree in a tight spot and did it flawlessly. Has grinding and chipping capability.
 Jared Holmes Tree Service 360-535-9185

By Linda & Rick Wescott 253-851-7655

We hired Jared Holmes Tree Service 360-535-9185 to limb up and remove trees on our Mason Lake property. He was a professional, worked really hard & was an artist climbing up tall trees and taking out just the right limbs. They hauled away all the limbs up our high bank property, worked tirelessly non-stop and left everything clean. I would highly recommend him.