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House Cleaning

Tammy Morgan 253-279-0561

By: Arlene Hays, 360-46-6919, 10/13

I'm pleased with my cleaning and yard lady. Will go above and beyond to please, and does a good job. Have referred her to several others with no problems.

Anthony & Kay Worthington 360-427-5696 
By: Sue Johnson  360-490-8969
I can recommend a couple that do great cleaning - they even do windows! Anthony and Kay Worthington are dependable, thorough and totally trustworthy.  They are also licensed & insured.  I fully recommend them!
The Dirtbuster Girls - Krysta Robson  360-865-6953
By:Tom Behrens 360-432-8722
I have used The Dirtbuster Girls the last 2+ years.  Krysta Robson does a wonderful job.  360.865.6953
Do It All Cleaning - Lynae Bush  360-535-9538, 360-782-4043 or
By:Carol Anderson
Although I have never used her services, I know her and would vouch for her character.  Lynae is very energetic and trustworthy.  Her family has had a vacation home on the lake for over 40 years.  She can do: residential/commercial/rentals, indoor and outdoor, move in/out, free estimates and references also available. 
White Tornado Cleaning Alicia Tarin  360-250-4216
By: Judy Honsowetz  360-275-7813
House cleaning