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Crystal Air Systems  360-357-3335 
Shirley Willeiksen 360-426-1375 02/14

Crystal Air systems from Olympia responded within 2 hours on a Sunday morning after we had an electrical fire in the circuit board-module of our propane-heat pump furnace.  The tech. Randy, identified the problem within minutes and was able to do a temporary fix to give us heat until he could obtain the needed part.  He was back the next day installed the new part and checked out the entire system as a precaution. The charge seemed reasonable to us as the part alone was $209.00 and the service amount was $95.00 as he only charged for one trip due to not having the part available on the first trip.


ARCH Mechanical-Shelton 360-229-2139

Shirley Willeiksen 360-426-1375 08/12

In August during the hot weather we had a good experience with ARCH Mechanical (refrigeration, cooling & heating) in Shelton phone 360-229-2139. We had not done routine maintenance on our heat pump for several years and found it had quit working properly during the hot spell in August.

Even though the repair technician (James) was overwhelmed with calls we got service in a timely manner and the problem was quickly identified. A rusted filter that had fallen off and all the coolant had leaked out of the unit. Shows that lack of maintenance will catch up with you eventually.

The repairs were completed within a couple of hours along with some advise from the technician and we had our air conditioner running. Labor charge was $85.00, travel charge was $85.00 and the refrigerant was $210.00 We thought these charges were very reasonable and the repair will also get the heat pump working again. As the heat pump will now work properly during the winter there should be a saving on the cost of propane that was being used by the backup furnace.


Amazing Grace Painters

(206) 775-6038


Pressure washing driveways, decks and homes.  Drywall installation and repair

Remodeling and repairs.  15 years experience