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SMP review comes to a close

posted Mar 6, 2016, 8:45 AM by Mason Benson Center

Hello everyone.

In a recent email exchange with Rebecca I was told that there would be no more Workshops regarding the Shoreline Master Program.  Thank you to all who attended the last workshop on January 25.  It was a good session and we had lots of audience participation.  In her email back to me, Rebecca stated: 

“The PAC is finished with the workshops.  Public hearings are scheduled for April 18th and 25th,  but I have not made a necessary deadline, so we will have to postpone these hearings a bit.”

Here is the link to the Shoreline Master Program Update on the Mason County Planning Advisory Commission’s website.

I know it is a lot of information and tedious to go through each document but PLEASE use the table of contents or word search to at least look at the requirements for docks, floats, boat launch, beach access and residential regulations. 

Jim and I are working on putting together comments for the public hearings.  In whatever document we generate it will at least include a proposal to ease the pain associated with the requirement (at least as I understand it) that every property owner who wants to put a boatlift in the water needs to have a “study” prepared by a professional to certify that no damage will be done.  We want to propose that a single “study” (and I am not sure of the extent of “study” requirements) apply to a larger sector or quadrant of a lake or waterfront.  That will eliminate the need for one person to pay for a study and a week later his neighbor 4 doors away having to pay for the same “study” all over again.

Jim & I welcome any and all comments.  Be aware – this is our LAST chance to have any influence at all.  We believe the County will be receptive to reasonable input but the County is constrained by what the State Dept of Ecology has already done to us.

I am forwarding the attached checklist I just received via the email below for the finding of no significant impact prepared by Mason County.


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