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Kitchen Remodel - Past Information

This contains past information about the Kitchen Remodel.  Much of the information may be out of date or no longer apply to the current kitchen remodel planning.

 Date ItemDocuments  Action items/Next steps
11/12/17Kitchen TasksKitchen Tasks 
11/02/17BE Hood EsitmateBargreeen Hood 
10/27/17Joy new plan plan drawing 
10/24/17Committee MeetingMeeting notesUpdated 10/29/17
10/24/17Jeri, Jane, Sue, Bonnie NoteJeri, Jane, Sue, Bonnie Note 
10/24/17Joy NoteJoy Note 
10/24/17Kitchen rough estimatesKitchen rough estimates 10.24.17 

 10/18/17Joy Usage Chart Usage Chart 
10/08/17Committee Meeting Meeting Notesno changes offered
10/08/17Joy plan 1Joy plan 1                     
10/08/17Joy plan 2Joy plan 2 
10/08/17Joy plan 3 Joy plan 3 
10/08/17Joy plan 4Joy plan 4 
10/08/17Sue PlanSue Plan  
10/08/17Sue find hoodHood 
10/08/17Sue find stoveStove 
10/02/17Sue NoteSue Note 
10/01/17Rick email to crewRick email  
09/30/17Gene Recap of 9/26 meeting.
Rick reply in red
Email PDF 
09/26/17Rick note to boards request Relpy to board at that meeting 
03/18/17Committee Meeting  no notes foundadded 10/29/17
02/24/17Hand sink
02/24/17Dishwash side sink tossed out by committee
02/24/17Dishwasher tossed out by committee
02/24/17Dishwasher side table tossed out by committee
02/24/17Lg Table  
01/04/17Bargeen planBargreen plans 
12/04/16Latest kitchen budget Budget updateadded 10/29/17
11/29/16Kitchen meetingno notes foundadded 10/29/17
11/20/16Jeri NoteJeri Note 
11/07/16Zieman Note Zieman Note  
11/01/16Committee Meeting Meeting Notesadded 10/29/17
  Rose Note 
  Office Plan  
  Office Cabinets 
  Island 3D 
08/24/15Joy Note  Nevers/Patricelli on Fire Dept 
08/14/15Joy noteIdea of phases 
08/10/15Joy Health Dept notesHealth dept notes 
 ??Notes with no datesOther notes 
  Other notes II 
  Other notes III 
  Other notes IV